About us

What are we all about? What kind of music do we play? Where the hell did we come from?

Axis of Evil was originally formed on September 30th 2000, by a group of high school friends from Franklin, Wisconsin. Originally we had no name, and did not pick Axis of Evil as our name until after the State of the Union address in 2002. Thanks for the idea George (you fascist)!

Our music is a strange mix of many different styles and influences, as we all have diverse musical tastes. I think it's mainly rooted around various types of metal with some blues and jazz influences here and there. But we consider our selves to basically be a metal band.

This band is an outlet for our collective rage, desire, and angst. A way of expelling all of the anger that builds up inside while trying to deal with day-to-day life. We come together to deal with our feelings in the only way we know how, playing music.

We are looking for a Drummer and a Singer!

That's right! We are not much of a band any more, down to just a lead guitar player and a bass player. Over time we have parted ways with our original singer and our original drummer. Since then we (Ryan & Greg) have been jamming with various people here and there, just fucking around. At some point we would like to get a band going again (not under this name, this would be a new band). So we are looking for both a drummer and a singer to jam with. If you are in the Milwaukee area and are interested please send us an e-mail for more info. We have some gear, a private practice space / studio, original songs and riffs, and a little bit of talent... heh


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