Kick Ass Links Page

Here are some links to pages that we think kick ass! These are other bands that we like, companies that we get gear from, and sites that just kick ass in general. We will be adding more links and changing up the list every now and then as time permits.

= Kick Ass Bands =

PHANTASM - Probably THE most kick ass band to ever come out of Wisconsin!! If you like "Ghoulish Horror Death Metal" you will fucking like these guy. They are no longer around, but you can still pick up their demos (definitely worth getting). We just had to make this one the first link, give props to a local band we grew up listening to.

Cyclophenia - Another person who dropped us a line a while back to say whats up. This web site contains the personal works of one Justin Redemann. Check it out.

Axis Of Evil - Welcome to The New World Terror! A metal band in London of the same name. Perhaps you where looking for them instead of us, and you're sitting there now looking at our site thinking "who are these fucking yanks?". These guys are cool, they dropped us a line to say whats up so they get a link.

Axis Of Evil - What? Another one? Yep! Not much info on their site so I cannot tell you much about them, except that they are kind of heavy but have this really strange sound. Check it out.

= Kick Ass Sites =

Wisconsin Metal Alliance - Supporting underground metal in Wisconsin since 2003. A good resource for checking out what's going on with underground metal bands here in Wisconsin, lot's of good links to bands and shit.

MADDOX - The Best Page In The Universe! This site is owned by Maddox, it is about him and why everything he likes is great. If you disagree with anything you find on this page, you are wrong. Dark humor at it's best!

= Kick Ass Gear =

Dean Guitars - Awesome guitar company, the favorite axe of Dimebag Darrell (RIP Dude!) and now also Dave Mustain! Greg currently plays on a Vendetta 1 (NOT to be confused with the cheaper ones that lack the nice mahogany body). This has been customized with a Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB Humbucker (bridge) and Planet Waves auto-trim locking tuning keys.

Rickenbacker - Awesome bass guitar company, making some of the finest basses around. Ryan currently plays on a vintage Rick which has been restored. The thing has insanely deep bass with excellent sustain. He is getting a monster tone when using this through his Sunn 300T and two JBL 15" drivers!

Sunn - Fucking awesome tube guitar amps! Fender bought them and kept making the line for a while, but then shelved the whole company (bastards!) so they could sell their newer tube amps instead. If you want a solid tube guitar amp that follows a classic quad 6L6 design and has a wide range of tones then get your self a used Sunn Model T. And for you bass dudes the Model 300T offers an insane amount of power provided by six 6550 tubes. Sunn also made some fairly nice speaker cabs, in particular their 2x15 folded horn bass cabs.

Mesa Boogie - Another awesome tube guitar amp company, fortunately still making new product. Their rectifier designs have some serious crunch, excellent for metal. Another company that uses straight forward classic tube circuit designs.

Sonic - Excellent manufacturer of speaker cabs. Our entire studio is decked out with Sonic cabs, from guitar cabs to floor monitors. Not only do they make kick ass speakers, they are based here in Milwaukee, which makes them that much cooler.

Seymour Duncan - Makers of some of the finest guitar pick-ups around. Greg's favorite guitar setup includes using the SH-4 JB Humbucker in the bridge position. Also recommend checking out the SH-13 Dimebucker, custom designed for Dimebag Darrell.

Planet Waves - These guys make some cool guitar accessories, probably their best products being their auto-trim locking tuning keys and their digital tuner which has both Sweep and Strobe Mode tuning. The auto-trim locking tuners save time in stringing up, are much more accurate than stock tuning pegs, and help you stay in tune by preventing back slip. Plus they add weight to the head stock, which can improve sustain. The "Full- Function Tuner & Metronome" gives you an inexpensive strobe tuner, which is a MUST for those of us who are real picky about being in proper tune! This thing also helps with alternate tunings.

Mackie - Makers of some of the finest all analog mixer consoles with the best sounding in-board mic preamps you will ever hear! We use and highly recommend the VLZ Pro series with the XDR mic preamps. All of the recordings you will hear on our web site where mixed on a VLZ Pro console, with us playing live in the studio, recording directly onto open reel master tapes.


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